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Top Choices of Drama Essay Thesis Samples

Top Choices of Drama Essay Thesis Samples Put simply, unless your objective is just to inform, your thesis is deemed persuasive. Students must think about the position they intend to argue, together with the assumptions of that position. Thus, it's recommended that you read through a selection of samples as a way to understand how thesis statements for various kinds of papers ought to be written. Some thesis statement samples are rather vague and crowded with an excessive amount of information that may help it become hard for you to comprehend when it has to do with writing. To be able to get more insights about how to deliver a great thesis, you should refer to the samples while additionally attempting to brainstorm on several ideas about the field of discussion. The topic is simply too large to really say something new and meaningful. You might have heard of something known as a thesis. Since a thesis is so essential, it's probably a great idea to examine some ideas on ho w to assemble a strong one. The Essentials of Drama Essay Thesis Samples You Will be Able to Learn From Starting Today Whenever you start to compose an essay, the very first paragraph of your piece ought to be your thesis statement. You should have a statement that isn't only easy to comprehend, but one that's debatable. Lastly, you are going to want to close your introductory paragraph. Each individual paragraph should concentrate on a particular element of the thesis. What's Truly Going on with Drama Essay Thesis Samples Emphasize only a couple of principal points so you may concentrate on it. Your thesis summarizes the argument you're going to be making in your paper, so you wish to make certain that your point of view is very clear and debatable. See what you could add to provide the reader a better take on your position right from the start. You are requested to convince your reader of your perspective. Your research paper has to be thesis-driven. Sample thesis sta tements provided by renowned sources are frequently the best. Nevertheless, you should check with your professor if you want to present your thesis somewhere else, including at the conclusion of your essay. There are several good analytical thesis statement examples online you may access to provide you with a clearer picture, a crystal clear and arguable thesis statement is essential for your paper as the whole text needs to be directed towards its defense. Much like any great thesis, you need to get as specific as possible. If you're still uncertain about how to compose a thesis statement or what a fantastic thesis statement is, be certain to talk with your teacher or professor to make sure to're on the right path. It's well worth reiterating that a great thesis statement is specific. A great thesis statement will accomplish exactly the same thing. Apparently, writing an essay on the subject of marijuana is too general. There's an endless number of different essay topics which can be analyzed. If you select a topic that's not of interest to you, it is going to show in your paper. The topic shouldn't be old or broad. In case you were requested to compose a vital essay about The Canterbury Tales, be sure you are conversant with the material. Leading off this issue sentence, you should now tell the reader a little more on the subject of the essay. You may be interested in travel essay examples. You may be interested in high school essay examples. The Basic Facts of Drama Essay Thesis Samples When it is all about figuring out how to compose an AP English synthesis essay, it is necessary to open the official AP website with the present requirements and study the grading rubric to comprehend what things to concentrate on. Understanding what makes a fantastic thesis statement is among the more important keys to writing a good research paper or argumentative essay. Obviously, how assertive you're in your thesis and the content you decide to include depends upon the kind of argumentative essay you're writing. Choosing fantastic thesis statement examples to utilize for writing can sometimes prove challenging to the majority of students. In making use of a thesis statement sample, it's also recommended that you determine the kind of essay paper that you want to write. A thesis is the consequence of a prolonged thinking approach. One other important lesson you're likely to learn from good thesis statement definition and examples readily available online is the need to thoroughly assess the central supporting line to make certain it aligns with the objective of the paper and the prompt. As you'll find out from different thesis examples, the referencing styles vary based on the paper or essay that you're writing. The in-depth study of the health condition has resulted in the overall look of a new therapy. Further inspect the core of your topic and focus on very specific regions of European travel that you may realistically cover and support with good evidence. You must construct a thesis which you are ready to prove employing the tools you've got available, without need ing to consult the world's foremost expert on the issue to supply you with a definitive judgment. A thesis is the consequence of a long thinking procedure and careful deliberation after preliminary research. An essential essay is intended to be informative, meaning all claims ought to be backed up by a credible evidence instead of simply stated because it strikes the author's fancy. An argumentative thesis must earn a claim that's logical and possible. A thesis statement can be in one, two or even 3 sentences at the conclusion of the conclusion, based on the amount of your paper and the essence of your argument. Your thesis statement should have the ability to effectively summarize the claim you are attempting to make.

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The Hershey Company s Company - 1741 Words

THE HERSHEY’S COMPANY Newton Prajapati University of Bridgeport Introduction Company Background: The Hershey Company is one of the largest chocolate manufacturers in North America. The company’s name has been a synonym for chocolate in North America. Hershey’s was founded Milton S. Hershey in 1894 in Derry Township, Pennsylvania. It has secured the position of 22nd in the list of top 100 food processing company of USA (Foodprocessing, n.d.). It used to be named as Hershey Food Corporation until April, 2005. The journey of this company started with the production of caramel products and it was a big hit at the end of nineteenth century. Later, Milton Hershey decided to produce chocolate products and kept on tasting the success†¦show more content†¦Findings Types of Cost Drivers for The Hershey’s Company: The different types of cost drivers that are associated with The Hershey’s company can be listed as below: A. Structural Cost Drivers: It is more related to the selection of the location of plant, technology to be used, and office layouts. The company must have a lot of research on these things because these decisions are very crucial for the cost management and effectiveness of the operation that the company conducts. So the management has to be very careful about these long term decisions in order to save their large amount of dollar to their company. B. Organizational Cost Drivers: Generally these costs occur after the structural costs. They are related to the reorganizing of office equipment, working with a limited number of suppliers, providing the information of cost to its employees and giving them the authority to make decisions. These decisions have a moderate level of difficulty to change. C. Activity Based Cost Drivers: Generally, every activity that a company does has costs. So all the activities like placing an order for its production, inspection of the raw materials, hiring of employees, training for the new employees, packaging of the products, shipment of the products, advertisements etc. Identification of different costs: Different types of costs for The Hershey’s company can be as following: 1. Variable Costs: These are the cost that variesShow MoreRelatedThe Hershey s Company Case Study1407 Words   |  6 Pages The Hershey’s Company The company my final project is on is The Hershey Company. The Hershey’s Company is the leading North American manufacturer of chocolate and non-chocolate sweets and chocolate-related grocery products as well as gum and mint. The Hershey’s Company was created by Milton S. Hershey in 1894 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The company originated with Milton making chocolate as a coating to his caramel. It wasn’t until 1900 that the company started making milk chocolate barsRead MoreHershey s A Chocolate And Cocoa Products Company3194 Words   |  13 Pages Hershey’s chocolate is one of the best chocolate candy that is favored by everyone. There was a lot of work that Milton S. Hershey had to do to accomplish his dream goal. The Hershey company is a chocolate and cocoa products company. Milton S. Hershey was raised in central Pennsylvania. He didn’t have a great education was nearly broke by the age of 30. But, Hershey did not only become one of the wealthiest people in America. He also is a successful business man where his products became popularRead MoreThe Hershey Company By Milton Hershey996 Words   |  4 Pagesâ€Å"The Hershey Company† was founded by Milton Hershey in 1909. In 1894 they decided to produce a sweet chocolate as a coating for his caramels. The company was originally located in Lancaster Pennsylvania. The company is now headquartered in Hershey, Pennsylvania and is a global confectionary leader. They are known for their chocolate, sweets, mints and other snacks. In 1900, â€Å"Hershey† Company started making milk chocolate bars, wafers, and other shapes. He was able to lower the unit cost andRead MoreMarketing Analysis : Hershey Company1048 Words   |  5 PagesThe Hershey Company has become a model in logistics for their supply chain and how they manage it all. From the raw materials, through the manufacturing of the candy, to the distribution and transportation and finally to the stores that sell the candy, Hershey has one of the most successful models of supply chain management out there to see. It really is amazing how a company can bring all of the elements that are needed to make candy, and be so good at every step. There are several things that makeRead MoreIntroduction Of The Hershey Company Essay1099 Words   |  5 Pagesto Business The Hershey Company Introduction The Hershey Company produces the best chocolate according to a survey taken among my coworkers. This company is well known for their Hershey s Kisses, Kit-Kat, Whopper s, Reese s Peanut Butter Cups and much more! Personally Kit-Kat is my favorite. Hershey s is one chocolate that I can eat and it changes my whole mood. Their mission statement is, â€Å"Bringing sweet moments of Hershey happiness to the world every day.†1 Hershey s focuses on loveRead MoreMilton Hershey : The American Chocolate King874 Words   |  4 PagesMilton Hershey: The American Chocolate King What kid doesn t like chocolate? Thanks to the iconic Milton Hershey brand, we now have sweets such as Hershey kisses, Reese s cups, Kit-Kats, and so many more! This essay will discuss Milton Hershey’s life, contributions to society, his companies, and some facts that might not be well known about him and his company. Milton Hershey was born in Derry Township, Pennsylvania, on September 13, 1857 to parents Veronica Snavely and Henry Hershey. After completingRead MoreMilton Hershey And The Hershey Company1060 Words   |  5 PagesThe Hershey Company, also known as Hershey’s, is a company that sells candy and treats to people all over the world. A man named Milton Hershey had a dream to establish a candy company. His first two candy companies had failed, but he never gave up. He started the Hershey Company in 1894 and is located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Since then, it has spread all over the world and became one of the biggest manufacturers of candies in the world. Milton Hershey, the founder of The Hershey Company, wasRead MoreHersheys Chocolate Essay1561 Words   |  7 Pagestalking about the history of Hershey himself, second we will be talking about the different kinds of chocolate, third we will be talking about how chocolate is made, fourth we will be talking about benefits and effects of chocolate on the body, and lastly, the town based on Hershey’s chocolate. I. Hershey’s chocolate had a difficult start but, today is a globally known product that dates back far in history. (biography.com, april 28,2017)At a young age, Milton Snavely Hershey was a hard worker and wasRead MoreHershey Pestle Analysis Essay791 Words   |  4 PagesPESTEL Analysis The Hershey’s Company is one the top leading companies in chocolate and confectionary products. To uphold this status, they must be able to chime in on main factors that could be rewarding or detrimental to the company. The macro-environmental factors of a company include the political, legal and regulatory, technological factors, and the economic conditions, environmental forces, technological forces, and sociocultural forces (Gamble, Peteraf, Thompson, 2016). The two most relevantRead MoreThe Hershey Company : Milton Hershey1266 Words   |  6 PagesThe Hershey Company is one of the most renowned chocolate-manufacturers in North America and its empire is quickly spreading across the globe. Armed with its delicious secret recipe and passion to help the less fortunate, its determination for success is a product of their past struggles, and only motivates future corporation growth. Along with their success comes inevitable failures that have had undeniable effects on the com pany’s reputation. Their need for growth has pushed the company to seek

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The Effects Of Cyber Attacks On Cyber Security - 1972 Words

There are often times when a document covering as many aspects as were covered by the 9/11 Commission in which it becomes difficult to say definitively whether the results were effective or ineffective. This is true when speaking about whether the government has met the recommendations that were made by the 9/11 Commission. The federal government has been effective in meeting certain recommendations of the 9/11 Commission, however they have also failed appallingly in certain areas as well. One example in which they failed appallingly is in the cyber realm. As pointed out in the â€Å"10-year anniversary commentary,† the amount of cyber-attacks being launched against American government, military, and civilian companies has increased since 9/11 (Bipartisan Policy Center, 2014). With increasing cyber-attacks and the weak state of America’s cyber security, as evident by the successful attacks on our military and government infrastructures, it is most important that we make every effort to prevent further attacks and strengthen our cyber security. Had the government followed the recommendations of the 9/11 Commission Reports, perhaps they could have prevented or delayed the cyber-attack in which Chinese hackers were able to obtain information pertaining to our military’s C-17 transport plane, F-22 and F-35 fighter jets with the intention to sell them to Chinese companies (Bipartisan Policy Center, 2014). The Snowden leak caused major problems for securing the digital realm dueShow MoreRelatedCyber Terrorism1716 Words   |  7 Pages During this attack, government sites were hijacked and some sites suffered a denial of service attack. Most recently, it was suspected that Bank of America was the victim of a cyber terrorism attack; although no definitive evidence is available to substantiate that claim.   Cyber terror attacks pose a threat against the national security of the United States. In order to fully comprehend the threat that cyber terrorism poses, it is essential to understand the background, the effects, the realityRead MoreSecurity Plan For Cyber Security1496 Words   |  6 PagesIn relation to defence spending, it’s visible that there was a positive increase in the year succeeding 2007, directly after the attacks. Though this was dramatically decreased for the following two years, which can be explained by the global economic downturn which begun in 2008 (Grigorà ¢â‚¬ ²ev Salikhov, 2009). Therefore it is not possible to conclude that Estonia directly increased spending on defence by a significant figure because of the events that took place in 2007, but it can be deduced thatRead MoreCyber Security, A Government And Private Industry Affair1686 Words   |  7 PagesCyber-security, a government and private industry affair Introduction The role of computers in business operations is growing with each wake. Computers have helped entities boost efficiency, speed up service and product delivery and take consumer interaction to another level. However, this new wave has not come without its challenges. Cybercrimes pose a threat to information security and privacy, which is a concern for private and public institutions alike. The United States has developed laws thatRead MoreCyber Espionage Attacks And Cyber Attacks1662 Words   |  7 PagesCyber Espionage Attacks This kind of attacks differ from other types of cyber-attacks as they have a different source from where the actual attack comes from, which is mainly from within the organization that is being attacked. It may be the most difficult type of attack in which organizations are able to defend themselves from, for example if the attack is emanating from an individual that holds a high rank within the company. Taking an example of the United States where the government has a processRead MoreInformation Is A Source Of Power In International Relations.967 Words   |  4 Pageswhen any state places enough importance on a resource of power, that resource becomes a target. An attack on informational structures of a state are cyber-attacks or â€Å"the use of computational technologies in cyberspace for malevolent and destructive purposes in order to impact, change, or modify diplomatic and military interactions between entities† Cyber-attacks are increasingly becoming daily security t hreats in both private and public sectors of a state. In 2016, 64% of Americans stated they haveRead MoreCyber Security Is A Growing Concern For Governments Around The World1296 Words   |  6 PagesGlobal Cooperation for Cyber Security Cyber Security is a growing concern for governments around the world. Cyber-attacks pose a direct threat to the security of the nations’ critical infrastructures and Information Technologies (IT) as a low-cost asymmetric warfare element. Most of these nations are aware of the vulnerability of the information technologies and the significance of protecting critical infrastructures. To counteract the threat of potentially disastrous cyber-attacks, nations’ policy makersRead MoreCyber Defense And Security Issues789 Words   |  4 PagesUnderstanding cyber defense and security issues such as cyber-crime and cyber-attacks ensure efficient functioning of information systems. Cyber-attacks are real, unexpected and increasing in numbers according to Naumovski and Kenkov (2014) cyber defense is emerging as a high priority with the increased use of information technology. Naumovski et al. (2014) noted that understanding cyber defense and security issues would ensure efficient o peration of information systems. Naumovski et al. (2014)Read More Cyber Security Policies and Defense Contractors Essay1087 Words   |  5 PagesAbstract Cyber security policies in the private sector have been a challenging issue for major defense contractors, especially after recent attacks. As a result, the U.S. increased its strict enforcement against these companies by justifying its intervention to improve cyber security. The government would like to impose standards for companies who lack the proper protocol. Due to the revised and new procedures, corporations are responding by rejecting any congressional intervention. This has causedRead MoreChina Saper Threat777 Words   |  4 PagesWeak USA Cyber Policy vs China’s Security Threat to the USA? Abstract A cyber spy network based mainly in China hacked into classified documents from government and private organizations. One of the biggest questions still remains unanswered. Should the U.S. Congress conduct an in depth assessment of Chinese cyber spying and consider imposing tougher penalties on companies that benefit from industrial espionage. In this paper I will review china’s cyber threat and possible USA solutionsRead MoreCyber Terrorism And Threats Of Information System1688 Words   |  7 PagesCyber-Terrorism and Threats to Information System National security has been top priority of the United States after World War II. This is due to the fact that the United States before this time was relatively an isolationist country with no influence in the world. As a result national security was not important, this changed post World War II. The United States found themselves among the top, overnight they went from being new and not listened to, to becoming one of the major players in the world

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Customer Loyalty Program Management †Free Samples to Students

Question: Discuss about the Customer Loyalty Program Management. Answer: Introduction A group of ten hotel chains decided to merge their business and create a new chain of hotels Stay Together that will provide accommodations at lower prices. The increasing competition and market pressure have led the companies to take this decision. The report presented here will critically evaluate the decision of the company, and the main focus of the report will be on the four major decisions taken by the management to attract customers and increase the business for the chain of hotels. These decisions are taken mainly to create a brand image, attracting customers, creating loyalty, and affecting the customer choice of hotels(Bagger Tranberg, 2015). The decision taken are correct or not will be discussed in the report along with some recommendations and suggestions that will help in improving the decisions taken by the company. A conclusion will help in understanding what the report want to reflect and provide some more suggestion on other streams that management can explore to ma ke its business better(Capaldi, 2016). The market is turning global, and many big competitors are eating the small businesses by providing better facilities at lower prices. For a single company, it was becoming difficult to handle the increasing pressure of providing lower priced accommodations in the hotel. Therefore, thegroup of ten hotel chains has decided to merge their businesses and create a new chain of hotels known as Stay Together. This Stay Together chain of the hotels that includes thousands of hotels falling in the categories of backpacker, bed breakfast homes to luxurious suites spread across the world. The hotel rooms could be hired from popular websites, but that will reduce the profits and may affect the corporate image of the company negatively(Ergin, Par?lt?, Ozsacmac?, 2011). The company has decided to use a single website that will provide higher prices for hotel rooms in the peak seasons. Other than this the management has decided four programs that will according to them help in increasing the com petitive value of the company and gain customers. The decisions of the management are discussed below: - Customer Loyalty Scheme- the management has decided to launch a customer loyalty scheme called Stay Together Loyalty scheme. Under this scheme, the loyal customers will be getting customer rewards like airport transfers, free nights, and car parking on the sites. Loyalty programs are highly acceptable and one of the most used technique to attract customers by the corporate companies(Jarrah, 2015). A loyalty scheme affects the decision-making process of a customer. It is true that travelers select their stay according to the price and place, but loyalty programs bring back the customer to the same hotel again and again. This works well especially for those who are frequent traveler or commute between cities for work. It could include more features like referring the hotel to a friend will provide points and easy accommodations. The loyal customers should be regularly informed about the offers and discounts hotels are offering to increase the customers(Jayakanth, Adalarasu, 2016). Free Buffets Breakfast and Dinners- Every customer looks for the scheme by hotels that are value for money and certainly getting a free breakfast and dinner is a great deciding factor that will attract customers. For a hotel providing meals in buffet system is less costly than serving individual table as different people have different choice. Now the hidden factor can be that the hotels can include the costing of the meals in the price of the room and reflect it as free for the guest. The free word and that to food attracts the customers, and that will increase the booking for the hotels(Kapera, 2015). Though customers are smart enough as they understand that nothing comes for free and the amount of food will be added in the room prices, but many people prefer to eat at hotel as they do not want to go out and find good restaurants at late hours. Also, the prices for them eating individual dinners will be higher than what customers will pay at hotels. The only issue is the choice of food people have and a correct number of people that will be using the benefits of free meal. This calculation is very important for the hotel(le Roux, Pretorius, 2016). Rebates- if a customer uses a particular airline than he will get some rebates that can be used for a free meals or nights. The offer is good and attractive as there are many people who will try to use a particular airline to get a rebate. The company can get in a contract with airlines and promote their hotels through that company. This type of promotion is more beneficial in the areas that are connected with airports, or the hotels that include luxurious suits that are hired by high-income people who regularly travel through flights(Lipponen, Wisse, Jetten, 2016). This scheme will attract only a limited section of the customers. Also, this scheme is more beneficial for the airlines company rather than the hotels as the airlines company is gaining the customers and the hotels are giving the rebates, though the promotion technique will be attracting customers, it will be paying all expenses there is no surety of that. Corporate Social Responsibility- Every person want to corporate in performing his or social responsibilities. Many of them wants to do something, but they dont get the means to do it. This scheme of donating a percentage of the total bill of the customer to a charity is a great thought. Thiswill increase the CSR of the group of hotels, and people will appreciate the efforts company is taking to help other. Though, it is a great thought and people will appreciate it, but will it attract more customers is doubtful. People when coming back from there stay to remember the fun they had and what facilities they enjoy, but such donation process is forgotten by them. Thus, using it as a scheme for attracting customers is quite low as compared to other three management decision(Mansour Ghazi, 2016). After analysis the four decisions that the group took to increase the competitive value of the company in the hospitality industry it is clear that out of four only three decisions will help the company to gain the competitive value the company aims for. Stay Together group of hotels aim to gain the market share against its competitors using these four decisions, and they will help in gaining the competitive advantage. The scheme of stay together loyalty program is the best option to attract the customers and also retain them with the company. The other decision of giving free breakfast and dinner is also a good option to attract customers as they prefer taking an accommodation that provides meals and if it is free, then the stay for them becomes the value for money(Massey, Barreras, 2013). The third decision of providing rebates on using selected airlines is not a very effective process as it will provide more benefits to the airlines rather than the group of hotels and also it can target a very limited segment of customers. The fourth decision is very good in term of personal sanity and responsibility of the companys social responsibility and will be appreciated by the customers, but will it attract customers in taking the stay in the hotels has no surety. Hence, it is important to again go through the decisions taken, and better programs should be introducing to attract customers(Mathe, Scott-Halsell, Roseman, 2016) Information System and Information Technological Issues the Company will Face It is assumed that the company has developed its website for making the bookings for the hotels and the company staff will be operating it to make the reservations. There are many issues that the company will face due the new procedure that the company will follow to book the hotel rooms in the thousands of the hotels in the company(McCall, McMahon, 2016). Some issues are discussed below: - Data conversion- with ten different groups and thousands of the hotels will have so much of data and combining all data and making it useful is a huge task. Every group of hotel would have been following its method of storing the customers data, some would be manual and some would be technical.A customer loyalty program can only have followed when all data will compile together, and the customers of all ten group of the hotels are sorted to make a single data base especially designed for Stay Together group of the hotels(Mndzebele, 2016). Technology Compatibility- the customer, is a word that includes everyone alive and has a means to use a product or services. The customers are of all kinds; they are educated, uneducated, technology friendly, or even technology haters. Thus, it is very difficult to target the customers that are not technology friendly and cannot use the application of the website to book a room for oneself. Even the staff of the hotels also have to technology friendly to exercise the changes that group has introduced in the system(Soares, Rebelo, 2012). Employment Issues- The change in company policies and the usage of new technology will increase some post in the group of hotels and will reduce some post. A lot of work will be handled by the machines that were before handled by the human being. This will make people lose their jobs. Along with it, everyone could not use machines and technology easily a trained person is required to do so, therefore need of technicians will create a new post in the group of hotels. This will raise the employment issue in the company(Woodard, Chiu, Power, Vedenov, Klose, 2017). Legal Issues- many technologies need to be patented before using if any group is using any such technology than changing the ownership will raise patent issues. Also, a new technology introduction in the company will require patents that will ask for more legal issues. Scalability issues- the increased size of the company requires the growth of advance and hi-tech system to maintain the working of the company. The change in management can raise the issue of scalability in different levels of the organization(Yu Yeh, 2013). User Interface Issues-the application used by the group of hotels has to be in accordance with users. If it is not the case, then it will create issues related to user interface. Such issue affects the customers choice as these issues affects the customers experience towards the company and also affects the customers loyalty towards the company. The management should work on making the experience of booking the hotels and later the stay user friendly and memorable to increase the customer attraction and loyalty for the company(Bagger Tranberg, 2015). Recommendations for the Company The company should opt for a CRM software that will help the company to store the data of the customers at one place and can be used by anyone who has the authority of using it. The company should use its present staff for the new post that company will create due to the merger of groups. The employees should be informed about the change that will take place in the company due to the merger. The application developed to book the hotels should be user-friendly in both ways. The customers can use it easily to book their stay and operators at the company can book the place according to the customers information(Capaldi, 2016). Conclusion In the hospitality sector the customers comfort is the top priority whether it is in the form of the services the hotels are providing during the stay or experience customers have during the booking procedure. Stay Together is a merger of ten different group of hotel to accommodate the pressure of the lower priced the hotel stay. To fight the increasing competition, the company has to work on the companys methods of attracting customers, as it will help in increasing the flow of customers and their loyalty. Thus, it is concluded that a company has to make sure that the policies company is using for developing its business should help in increasing the customers satisfaction. References Bagger Tranberg, C. (2015). Storing Information on Users Devices. European Data Protection Law Review, 1(2), 130-136. Capaldi, N. (2016). New (Other?) Directions in Corporate Social Responsibility. International Journal Of Corporate Social Responsibility, 1(1). Ergin, E., Par?lt?, N., Ozsacmac?, B. (2011). Impact of Loyalty Cards On Customers Store Loyalty. International Business Economics Research Journal (IBER), 6(2). Jarrah, M. (2015). Evaluation of Electronic Customer Knowledge Mediating by Electronic Customer Attraction on Electronic Customer Acquisition. International Journal Of Customer Relationship Marketing And Management, 6(3), 33-47. Jayakanth, S., Adalarasu, D. (2016). Dimension of Customer Satisfaction in the Hotel Business. Bonfring International Journal Of Industrial Engineering And Management Science, 6(4), 158-165. https://dx.doi.org/10.9756/bijiems.8304 Kapera, I. (2015). Hotel promotion as viewed by customers. Zeszyty Naukowe Uniwersytetu Szczeci?skiego. Service Management, 15, 49-55. le Roux, C., Pretorius, M. (2016). Conceptualizing the Limiting Issues Inhibiting Sustainability Embeddedness. Sustainability, 8(4), 364. Lipponen, J., Wisse, B., Jetten, J. (2016). The different paths to post-merger identification for employees from high and low status pre-merger organizations. Journal Of Organizational Behavior. Mansour Ghazi, K. (2016). Hotel Maintenance Management Practices. Journal Of Hotel Business Management, 5(1). Massey, S., Barreras, R. (2013). Introducing Impact Validity. Journal Of Social Issues, 69(4), 615-632. Mathe, K., Scott-Halsell, S., Roseman, M. (2016). The Role of Customer Orientation in the Relationship Between Manager Communications and Customer Satisfaction. Journal Of Hospitality Tourism Research, 40(2), 198-209. McCall, M., McMahon, D. (2016). Customer Loyalty Program Management. Cornell Hospitality Quarterly, 57(1), 111-115. Mndzebele, N. (2016). The Relationship between e-Commerce Adoption and Competition in the Hotel Industry. International Journal Of Information And Education Technology, 6(5), 394-397. Soares, M., Rebelo, F. (2012). Ergonomics in design: solutions and proposals for a better interface with the user. Theoretical Issues In Ergonomics Science, 13(1), 1-3. Woodard, J., Chiu, L., Power, G., Vedenov, D., Klose, S. (2017). Factors Affecting Changes in Managerial Decisions. Agribusiness. Yu Yeh, C. (2013). Applying Economic Methods on Analyzing Hostel Industry. Journal Of Hotel Business Management, 02(01).

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Barriers and facilitators to the implementation of person‐centred care in different healthcare contexts free essay sample

STRENGTHS:My strengths generally involve my ability to teach and active listening, as well as being patient. These three measures empower me to be lots more competent and helpful in my ways when measured up to some of my colleagues as well as others in my multidisciplinary team in my ward. Effective listening skills influence not only the skilled area but also the emotional and personal health and generally the well-being of an individual. Gopee (2011) supported some of the empowering qualities of a mentor as a devotee; they devote time to assist learners learning, inspires as well as wanting to listen to learners and making themselves available when is needed. Teaching involves a lot of skills: for instance, communication and helpful skills. Right from a young age, I have always wanted to become a teacher, coaching my juniors’ ones and also always wanting to help by sharing my knowledge with colleagues and friends. We will write a custom essay sample on Barriers and facilitators to the implementation of person†centred care in different healthcare contexts or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Hence during my initial meeting with my student, I considered how it might be difficult, if I have not got a passion for facilitating learning, then I would not be able to build an effective helpful relationship with my student.WEAKNESS:My weakness is about my disposition to involve student nurses in activities with every given opportunity in my ward when working alongside with student nurses. Also based on feedback from various student nurses since qualifies as a registered nurse, that I would be good a mentor as being very patient, considering the demands of the ward. Although it is expected of a good mentor to plan and give structure and meaningful learning experience to their students in practice in order for them to make the best of it (Davies et al 1994).OPPORTUNITIES:I simply need to adapt my strengths idea and make use of them in line with standard guidelines and evidence-based practice, when mentoring student nurse after qualifying as a mentor. THREAT:Demands of the ward and staff shortage contribute to working less time and assessing the student nurse in practice. Sometimes working with different agency staffs and as the only registered nurse on the ward and I had to give an induction to the other agency registered nurse, my time as a mentor to meet with my student to reflect or feedback will be rescheduled due to the demand on the ward. In addition, Petrini (2014) reports that such demanding settings need resilient health workers able to assign skill and different ways of working. No questioning regarding the mentor role as multidimensional. But Student nurse can detect the learning experience to be impacted negatively when mentors feel they are not backed up (Hutchings et al, 2005).

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Overview of Dubnium Facts and Physical Properties

Overview of Dubnium Facts and Physical Properties Dubnium is a radioactive synthetic element. Here are interesting facts about this element and a summary of its chemical and physical properties. Interesting Dubnium Facts Dubnium is named for the town in Russia where it was first made, Dubna. It may only be produced in a nuclear facility. Dubnium does not exist naturally on Earth.The element dubnium was the subject of a naming controversy. The Russian discovery team (1969) proposed the name  nielsbohrium  (Ns) in honor of the Danish nuclear physicist Niels Bohr. In 1970, an American team made the element by bombarding californium-239 with nitrogen-15 atoms. They proposed the name hahnium (Ha), to honor the Nobel Prize-winning chemist Otto Hahn. The IUPAC determined the two labs should share credit for the discovery because their results supported each others validity, using different methods to create the element. The IUPAC assigned the name  unnilpentium for element 105 until a naming decision could be reached. It wasnt until 1997 it was decided the element should be named Dubnium (Db) for the Dubna research facility the location where the element was initially synthesized.Dubnium is a super-h eavy or transactinide element. If a sufficient amount were ever produced, its chemical properties are expected to be similar to that of the transition metals. It would be most similar to the element tantalum. Dubnium was first made by bombarding americium-243 with neon-22 atoms.All isotopes of dubnium are radioactive. The most stable one has a half-life of  28 hours.Only a few atoms of dubnium have ever been produced. At present, little is known about its properties and it has no practical uses. Dubnium or Db Chemical and Physical Properties Element Name: Dubnium Atomic Number: 105 Symbol: Db Atomic Weight: (262) Discovery: A. Ghiorso, et al, L Berkeley Lab, USA - G.N. Flerov, Dubna Lab, Russia 1967 Discovery Date: 1967 (USSR); 1970 (United States) Electron Configuration: [Rn] 5f14 6d3 7s2 Element Classification: Transition Metal Crystal Structure: body-centered cubic Name Origin: Joint Institute for Nuclear Research at Dubna Appearance: Radioactive, synthetic metal References: Los Alamos National Laboratory (2001), Crescent Chemical Company (2001), Langes Handbook of Chemistry (1952)

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Strategic Analysis Paper Research Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 10000 words

Strategic Analysis - Research Paper Example It also involves reviewing the current mission of the firm along with identifying the strength weakness opportunity and threat of the firm so that it is able to tackle with the external and internal market factors. The next part deals with the strategic plan of the firm where it broadly talks about the opportunity and resources, the mission, vision, objectives of the organization. The dissertation finally ends with a conclusion where it has been stated that the industry tends to have both positive and negative impact from the current economic situation and the organization should adopt an appropriate strategy to overcome its weakness and threats and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. Contents Executive Summary 2 Industry Analysis 7 I. Industry Definition 7 II.History 9 III. Industry Forces 10 1.Technological Changes: 10 2.Resource Availability 11 3.Socio Economic Trends 11 4.Government Actions 11 5.Customer Needs 12 IV.Industry Competitive Structure 12 V.Industry Marketing Practices 13 Product 13 Place 14 Promotion 15 Price 16 VI. Industry Wide Threat and Opportunities 17 Threats 17 Opportunities 18 VII.Industry Investment Requirements 19 VIII.Strategic Changes: 20 Necessary Changes for Firms to Consider 20 Investment Needs 21 Capitalizing on Opportunities 21 Minimizing Threats 22 Changes Likely for Next 10 Years 22 Strategic Business (Internal Analysis) 23 I.Stakeholders Identification 23 II.Corporate Culture Evaluation 24 III.Organizational performance 26 IV.Current Mission and Strategic thrust 27 V.Identifying Strategic business Areas 28 VI.Internal Capability Assessment 29 Strength 30 Weakness 31 VII.Analysis of External Environment 32 Porters Five Force 32 PESTEL 34 Threats and Opportunities 35 Opportunities 35 Threats 36 VIII.Strategic Fit 37 Strategic Plan 38 I. Opportunity and Resources 38 Opportunity 38 Resources Needed 38 II. Heart of the Organization 39 Vision 39 Mission 39 Tenets 39 Critical Success Factors 39 III. Goals, Objectives and Fu nction 41 Strategic Goal 41 Strategic Objectives 41 Operating Goals 41 Operating Objectives 41 Functional goals 42 Conclusion 42 References 44 Industry Analysis I. Industry Definition The world of business today is changing at a fast pace. Various macro economic factors like the slowing down of the growth prospects of various emerging markets like India and China, the extended gloomy period of slowdown in the European markets triggered by the financial deadlock evolving out of the Eurozone as well as job cuts in the US are changing the business scenarios for small as well as large business organizations. The consumer needs and demands are also evolving every day and every week due to the pressurized situations built up by the play of multiple macro economic factors. The macro economic factors are in fact influencing and bringing in a change of consumer behavior both in the developing as well as the developed countries. In the Asian countries, especially in India, there was an old co ncept of recycling and repairing goods to save costs. Also, the consumers in the Asian countries, unlike their western counterparts are more interested in the concepts of extracting maximum value for the money invested. An emerging management concept of â€Å"Juggaad† which means taking into account the power of substitutes is slowly beginning to get inculcated in the mindsets of the Western consumers as well.